Ghosthunters ‘capture The Shining twins on camera’ at Britain’s most haunted hotel

Ghosthunters ‘capture The Shining twins on camera’ at Britain’s most haunted hotel

A pair of ghosthunters believe they have captured the twins from The Shining on camera at ‘Britain’s most haunted hotel’.

Lee and Linzi Steer aren’t like other couples, instead of romantic nights out in swanky hotels they opt for haunted ones, preferably empty, and while away the weekends looking for ghouls.

And recently, as reported in the Liverpool Echo, they visited the northern city’s Adelphi Hotel – a 402 room behemoth with a history dating back to 1826.

As soon as they arrived they detected an eerie presence and heard scratching noises, then, in the back of a live-streamed video, a viewer claimed to notice the twins from Stephen King’s The Shining stood behind them.

Lee, 55, said: “One of the first things that was weird was the lift. We were filming by the lift and it just opened for no reason with nobody inside.

“We had heard the lifts do what they like from some other people that had stayed, but to see it in person was weird. We also kept hearing whistling noises from the lift as well as scratching noises in our room.”

As part of the pair’s paranormal venture, they Facebook live their trips to allow people to watch at home in their own time.

Linzi said she only saw the silhouettes of two children in one of the clips when an eagle-eyed viewer pointed it out to her on social media.

The 52-year-old said: “To me it looks like two children and I feel like one of them is a girl. It reminded me of the twins out of The Shining.

“We also tried to use one of our devices to speak to some spirits but the only response we had was somebody saying ‘you b’.”

Lee added: “They never did anything that we asked them to do, it was always in their own time.”

It wasn’t just in the halls of the hotel where the couple said they saw souls from beyond the grave, as while the pair were in their room they also had some weird experiences.

Linzi said: “In our room itself there was a little entry area and then the door into the room and the bathroom.

“Lee said he closed the door when he came in but on three occasions the door ended up being wide open.

“The main bedroom was also really cold but then the bathroom would be really warm, the temperature would also change by about 10 degrees really suddenly even though we didn’t have any windows open.”