Woman gets revenge on ex by exposing his ploy to skive work in front of boss

Woman gets revenge on ex by exposing his ploy to skive work in front of boss

A woman got revenge on her ex at work by revealing to his boss that he had been automating his job – meaning he got his work done in a fraction of the time and spent the rest of the day looking at memes.

Sharing his story anonymously, the man said that he was working from home and had become incredibly efficient at his job – writing reports, which contain calculations, in no time.

He spotted a way to make the process even faster, by using a database to do the calculations and export them into a word document – leaving him to edit it all together, taking just two hours of his eight hour working day.

The man said he shared this info with his girlfriend, who worked at the same company, but then they broke up and she used it against him – sharing his screen with his boss and revealing how much time he spent slacking off.

Taking to Reddit, the man said: “After some time I broke up with her, we tried our best but I wasn’t feeling it as much as she was and I felt it would be better to end it sooner than later. The breakup seemed somewhat peaceful.

“Two days later I got called into HR at work for a disciplinary hearing. To my horror, I was presented with screenshots of my activity of the previous days: memes, trading activity, news reading, YouTube and even a tally of how many hours I actually worked vs how much I wasted.

“Turns out my ex shared my screen via Microsoft Skype when I went on a smoke break, recorded all my actions for the day and then reported me to HR.

“I should’ve actually worked my hours in, I shouldn’t have tried to impress my ex, and I definitely should have noticed my screen was being shared.”

The man went on to say that he almost lost his job because of the incident, but luckily he just hung onto it.

After the story was shared online, other Reddit users commented saying they had done similar things in the past.

One user said: “I worked for a large information processor about 25 years ago. I did something similar. Our job was formatting data to comply with our online portal’s standards, upload and then query the outliers.

“I could pretty much start at 8am and finish by 10am then just f*** about for the rest of the day.

“The only problem was keeping the throughput plausible. One weekend a colleague did Saturday overtime and accidentally did about 10x what a single team could do and the cat was out of the bag.”

While a second said: “Ahh, never give up your secrets of the trade. If you know you’re skirting the line with work a small leak will sink a great ship.”